As the Deputy Convenor of the Young Professionals (YP) Committee I assist in promoting the interests of Young Professionals internationally whilst also having a specific responsibility for supporting and developing local Young Professional Groups in Europe, North America and Africa.

I joined CILT UK in 2012 during my MSc in Scotland. The institute welcomed me and I gained much insight from fellow members, networking events and talks. These opportunities made we want to give something back and I joined my local committee, helped to organise the annual YP conference in the UK, and last year join the international YP in my current role. CILT gives me the ability to connect with peers around the world and share insights into our industry.

My professional background is warehousing and logistics, and I currently work as an end to end supply chain consultant, but the CILT has allowed me to appreciate other areas of logistics and transport, such as the vast world of the buses in the UK and abroad, port logistics, network planning, the rail industry and many more. CILT has been a benefit to not only my career but my personal development.

As YP Deputy Convenor I particularly enjoy interacting with other Young Professionals across our global family and sharing knowledge and experiences. It is a privilege to be able to support and encourage our local groups in promoting YP interests within their individual countries.