I am a specialist in rail freight economics, pricing and dispute resolution (facilitation, mediation and arbitration) with a career spanning forty-eight years in that sector. Over that period I have divided my time between senior executive positions within the federal public service (Canadian Transportation Agency, The National Transportation Agency of Canada, The Canadian Transport Commission, the House of Commons Standing Committee on Transport and Transport Canada) and in private consulting under the name TL Maville & Associates Inc.

I have been an active CILT member since 2002 as Secretary (Ottawa Chapter), Treasurer (National Board) and Chairman (National Board). CILT has enabled me to gain an insight into transportation policy and regulation development beyond Canada’s borders in the international arena, to better connect with my international colleagues in the rail freight sector and to market CILT’s benefits to my clients, colleagues and other stakeholders.

I believe that my background and experience will enable me to contribute to the continued development and evolution of CILT’s global policies and outreach to new members, and to improve the connections and linkages between CILT International, the Americas region, and other CILT territories.