Joining the Institute in 2015 was the biggest life-changing career experience I have made. Whilst serving as Next Generation Regional Ambassador for Africa over the past 2 years, we attained major milestones in establishing an Africa Regional Committee, expanding and growing members in Namibia, Nigeria, Ghana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, South Africa and Mauritius, and had successful hosted Next Generation streams in Abuja, Harare and now Accra, Ghana. Previously, as the Chair of the Next Generation Executive Committee in Nigeria, I led the committee in the revival of Next Generation Nigeria and I am excited about what we accomplished in such a short period of time.

As a maritime specialist with a multi-disciplinary background in Education, International Business,  transport and logistics, and Maritime Affairs I have a passion for learning. Being part of the CILT family has broadened my industry understanding and has helped me develop professional networks on a national and international scale. This has been invaluable in progressing my career.

CILT has played an important role in developing my my career and I am excited about representing the Next Generation Forum and supporting other future leaders in the logistics, transport, and supply chain professions.