Transport and Logistics affect the lives of most people in the world every day. More people should know about this impact, as I believe that greater understanding of the importance of Transport and Logistics will lead to greater involvement in the industry, and a wide array of new perspectives, both from young people and professionals in other industries.

I became interested in public transport at a young age, and have been involved in the industry ever since. As a professional, I have cross-sector experience of the industry, including work as a practitioner, researcher and educator. Since 2006, I have been Secretary of the Transport Policy Committee at CILT Hong Kong, a role that has allowed me to work on major transport planning projects in Hong Kong and China. In the education field, I have worked as a Researcher in Human Geography at Hong Kong University. I also believe strongly in working for my community, and having gained my formal teaching qualifications, I now teach geography and liberal studies in secondary school.

As an active Next Generation member and Convener of the School Promotions Team, I regularly engage with various activities aimed at building dialog between passionate young people and industry professionals. I believe this to be an important dialog, giving students an understanding of the wide array of career options they have, and helping to nurture industry talent, as well as increasing society’s understanding of Logistics and Transport.

I am always interested in hearing how other people and countries are working to promote our industry, and increase involvement with their communities and society at large.