In the spirit of Stronger Together, I will seek to widen CILT activities in all countries with established CILT offices, and strengthen CILT in other affiliated member countries. I will expand the work of our Regional Forums, and encourage better understanding of the cultures, opportunities and challenges of different countries.

The provision of accessible and high quality education is a key mission of the Institute, and I will seek build on the Institute’s educational programming, and look to the use of new technologies to ensure students and industry professionals alike have access to the knowledge they need in the format they need.

Furthermore, I am keen to see growth in the number of WiLAT and NexGen members. In addition to a variety of outreach and awareness campaigns, I will put the support of the International Presidency behind a recruitment drive, to ensure we are reaching out to and representing all women working in our industry, at all levels and in all countries.

I aim to bring to bear the collective ingenuity of our membership, encouraging all members to share their ideas on how to improve our offering to members, to potential members, and to business. Ideas such as the International Business Forum, and collaborations with other organisations can only strengthen us, and I hope to hear many great proposals from all parts of the Institute in the coming months.