IoT – Supply Chain Forensics and Vulnerabilities


The Supply Chain Forensics are latest revolution to save money and reduce the Risk. Supply chain management has been developed over many centuries ago from ancient civilization. The review of literature reveals that the current Digital Supply Chain industry is more connected to IoT devices which is latest revolution and future development such as gathering information and tracking goods, has evolved in to smart Supply Chain with RFID based tagging and sensor based technologies connected to IoT (Internet of Things).The use of these devices gives accurate organizational and operational outcome even though there may be unidentified procedural inconsistencies that may weakens the smooth operational procedures.

This paper explains about the vulnerabilities related Supply Chain industry 4.0. Even though the application of IoT today not only tracks the goods and services but also predicts helps in future analysis for Supply Chain Industry. The entire digitalized process may help in protecting and reducing losses but there may be vulnerabilities will be identified by digital forensics. The problem really comes into focus when IoT devices are connected in unsecure Supply Chain environment. That may further concern is the fractured digital supply chains that they are relying on by modern industry experts.


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