Supply Chain Digitisation and Industry 4.0 Latest Trends in Technologies


In the current digital era it’s necessary for any domain expert to know about the technology trends and how the digitization is carried out in ease with necessary metrics to keep in mind.

The Below document fully explains about the demand driven world for SCM along with limitations of legacy SCM which will explain about the need for the current digital SCM with AI/ML playing a cutting edge in digital space. The Article also clearly explains the benefits of enterprise data management and its key to success in different industry verticals. Also, when it comes to digital its necessary to explain about the Industry 4.0 and how IOT is playing a key role in betterment of smart manufacturing which takes to Factory 4.0 and their implementation benefits. Finally, the author has explained about the need for business transformation and necessary levers to transform the business along with different digital services available in the industry.


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