Sustainability: A Global Challenge For Us All


Stop, pause, think

Apart from being professionals involved in logistics and transport, what unites us all?

Quite simply, sharing the same planet. Whether your job touches on the area of sustainability, or it is central to your professional role, none of us can escape the responsibility we hold in protecting our planet’s interests. From making operational decisions about how we dispose of and recycle waste, through to strategic long-term business investment in vehicles and assets, everything we consider now has an upstream and downstream sustainability impact. This article presents some hard-hitting facts, and some suggestions for future action.

When was the last time you stopped, paused, and reflected on your environmental impact?

This could be at a personal level, job level or perhaps as a member of CILT in your country. There is no doubt that there has never been such an important time for our profession to have a voice, provide evidence, and inform policy. Whether we are acting locally, regionally nationally or globally, working on environmental, economic or social sustainability, being part of the international CILT family offers a unique opportunity to open up the debate and stimulate action.

We’ve spent some time researching and evaluating how countries with a CILT presence are shaping up against the UN sustainability goals and other key environmental factors. Our research is here to give food for thought, to provoke debate and to ask our professional members to take stock and consider their own contribution to the pressing global sustainability agenda.


The views represented are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of CILT.

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