Future Logistics Partnerships (FLP) are one of the ways CILT is involving itself in the world’s fastest growing economies. Engagement with India through the FLP: South India Project is a key part of the Institute’s long-term strategy and requires the development of new, enduring growth and business models, suitable to the rapidly changing needs of India’s dynamic industrialising economy.

CILT has partnered with The School of Logistics Management and Technology, Cochin, Prolific HR in Bengaluru, and Exim Academy of Chennai, working together in the vibrant and strategically important South India region. FLP: South India will harness CILT’s excellent educational suite to build a flagship logistics network of adaptable, enduring systems with informed, well connected professionals at its heart.

Combining the Institute’s international experience and educational expertise with the local knowledge, network contacts and teaching skills of our partners, the Future Logistics Partnership: South India will widen access to the first class learning that continues to raise standards and improve best practice across the world. Together the Partnership will raise greater awareness of the importance of careers in logistics and transport, as well as providing benchmarked professional qualifications and the hands-on experience of industrial placements that enable school-leavers, apprentices and postgraduate students to make the most of their careers in this vital industry. In addition, our partners are committed to providing in South India the same high quality services and resources enjoyed by CILT members globally.

Although work in Bengaluru and Cochin is the key focus, the long term vision of the Future Logistics Partnership is far wider. As well as establishing models able to be replicated across India, the experience and insight gained through the process will be invaluable throughout South East Asia and beyond.