My name is Steve Rinsler, Trustee, Honorary Fellow and Honorary Secretary of the CILT, a member of CILT UK, Director of Bisham Consulting, MD of ELUPEG and an Independent Transport Commissioner.

An image of Steve Rinsler

When and why did you decided to become a member of CILT?

I became a Fellow of ILDPM (then soon to be the IoL) in October 1981. In North West England the IoL NW Branch was a vibrant part of the UK professional body. The IoL being the organisation of choice for Logisticians holding many debates on the topics of concern to the profession and encouraging learning. The IoL and the CIT jointly became the CILT.

What are the benefits of being a member of CILT?

Initially opportunities to network, both locally and across the UK, but later on the International connections have been just as important. Belonging to a global professional body that spans across more than 40 countries. Being able to give back to the profession that has provided me with an exciting and good living as well as a wealth of friends and acquaintances. Working with like-minded people to provide an Institute for Logistics and Supply Chain Managers where learning, collaboration and meritocracy are key values.

What difference has being a member of CILT made to your career?

My being a member of CILT has continually broadened my skills, horizons and knowledge and these I have applied in a number of Blue-Chip Companies: Unilever, Exel Logistics (DHL now), Storehouse and in my consulting career already spanning 15 years. Being a Fellow or a Chartered Member is a way of telling the world what your peers think of your skills, I know that being able to show you are a Fellow adds weight to your arguments about what is needed in the Logistics industry and in Supply Chains.

What do you think the future holds for you and CILT?

The CILT has a great future. At our core is education, providing Key Knowledge Areas, Qualifications and accreditation of learning establishments. We are involved with Governments in many countries helping with advice about a sector that is not always well known, but our Institute society is about inclusivity of men and women (WiLAT) and different cultures and the encouragement of Young Professionals. We have an expanding membership, ideas of e-learning and the respect of Companies and Governments: a powerful mix to drive the next 100 years. For me, I have been involved as a Trustee of the UK and International now for nearly 20 years, I will soon be watching as others take the torch forward: faster and further, always “Stronger Together”.

What message would you give to someone just starting out in CILT?

“What you put in; you get out!” Whilst you are learning, whilst you move through the ranks of management get involved with your local branch, go to meetings, join your local committee and help arrange those meetings.