17 February 2020 | China

Dear CILT International and branches,

Since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus epidemic in China, CILT China has received emails from CILT International as well as some country and regional branches, they offered cordial greetings and support, and offered to help in anyway they could. We are deeply moved. On behalf of CILT China, I would like to express our heartfelt thanks to you for your sincere greetings and support.

At present, the Chinese government has been taking the most comprehensive and rigorous prevention measures to control the development of the epidemic, and has mobilized various resources to ensure the supply of medical and epidemic prevention materials and provide all-round treatment for the patients infected by the virus. We believe that with the leadership of the Chinese government and the concerted efforts of the Chinese people and the strong support of friends from all over the world, we have full confidence and capability to win the fight against the epidemic.

All staff at CILT China are now working hard to do their jobs as well as protect themselves, in strict accordance with the deployment of national prevention and control work and the requirements of our leaders. After the outbreak is over, we warmly welcome and look forward to welcoming friends from all countries and regions to China for exchanges and cooperation.

Thanks again for your concern and support.

Wang Ensen

Executive Vice President and Secretary General of CILT China

An image of the CILT Family together