9 April 2020 | Malaysia

In many parts of the world where lockdowns have occurred, these decisions have led to certain parts of the sector being closed and others remaining open. Often this has been done in isolation from an understanding of how the supply chain operates in an integrated fashion. Each part has dependencies on the next or previous step in the chain. So ports have remained open but equipment supply or inbound and outbound transport has been restricted. Already bottlenecks have occurred and issues arisen.

For CILT globally there is the important role of representing our members’ interests, and being the voice of the industry with the transport ministries and policy makers.

This report from CILT Malaysia describes a well organised lockdown which also manifested with some difficulties in the supply chain. CILT Malaysia have been involved in some of the early steps to tackle some of those issues. Read more here.

This is an example of a business response from Malaysia which we are sharing as part of our global best practice resource to help you think about and determine appropriate responses locally.