17 November 2020 | Zambia

In 2004, Brenda lost her mother to tuberculosis after her family treated her with traditional medicine instead of taking her to a health facility. When her condition deteriorated she was rushed to a health facility, but by then it was too late. Brenda decided to be an agent of change by teaching people the importance of seeking medical care at health institutions.

Brenda and CHVs on a rural community visit (photograph taken in 2019)

In 2014, her dreams came true as she became part of a project that works to address barriers in accessing health services at a community level.

Since then, she has worked on a number of community health initiatives, most recently as a Community Facilitator with MAM at Scale, coordinating Community Health Volunteers (CHVs). CHVs are an essential first port of call for those in rural areas seeking medical advice. Now she’s working on MAM at Scale’s Covid-19 response, helping communities tackle the pandemic in rural Zambia.

Participation from the community is good. I am happy that the community has accepted our approach and everyone in the community pass through the CHVs when going to the facility.

Find out how Brenda is tackling Covid-19 in her comunity by reading the full story from Transaid.

Help Brenda in her work in response to Covid-19 in Zambia.

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