13 May 2020 | Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka imposed a total lockdown on March 22nd to counter the spread of the Covid-19 outbreak. Whilst the government has now announced an easing of the curfew to allow a public and private sector return to work, they have urged people to adhere to all anti-virus guidelines to ensure the curve stays flat. Dr. Anil Jasingha, director general of health services emphasized this, saying

The spread of the coronavirus has now been brought under control to a great extent. The public needs to adhere to the strict health safety guidelines to ensure the systematic eradication of the deadly disease from Sri Lanka.

The Ministry of Health has issued operational guidelines to provide interim guidance, which include guidance on measures to be adopted in public transport. These measures apply to all public transports including trains.

Before commencement of the trip

  • Vehicle interior including entry points
    should be disinfected before starting each
  • Driver, conductor / helper / all train station
    staff and all the passengers should wear
    face masks.
  • Keep one meter distance between the
    passengers and limit the number of
    passengers to 50% of the seating capacity.
    Taxi service motor cars and three-wheelers
    should carry maximum of 2 passengers.
  • Minimize the handling of cash and
    encourage passengers to bring the exact
    amount for the fare.
  • Hand sanitizer / alcohol rub can be fixed at
    the entry point of the vehicle / bus stand
    / railway station to sanitize the hands
    of passengers during the entry to the
  • All passenger contact points in train
    stations should be disinfected daily.
  • Instructions shall apply to
    office environment and section on service
    counters to ticket counters.

During Travel

  • Provide adequate time to get in to the
    vehicle and get down from it in order to
    practice non touch technique inside the
    vehicle / during the travel.
  • One identified door should be used for
    loading passengers.
  • Health promotional messages and
    recommended behavior should be
    transmitted through the public address
    system inside the vehicle.

This is an example of a government response from Sri Lanka which we are sharing as part of our global best practice resource to help you think about and determine appropriate responses locally.