17 November 2020 | Netherlands

The Air Cargo Community of Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is holding discussions with multiple parties about the transport of millions of doses of Covid-19 vaccines. According to Mr. Maarten van As, Director of Air Cargo Netherlands, the sector is at the brink of an enormous challenge: “We have to think about capacity, but also security and safety, because initially, the vaccine will be scarce and in very high demand. Handling will demand a coordinated strategy; not only at the national level, but maybe also at EU- or World-level“.

Safe and secure storage and transportation of high volumes of such a valuable commodity requires a water-tight supply chain. Henk Hilders and Erick Vink of Interbox, a Dutch SME located in Amsterdam, believe they have a solution which meets all the requirements.

We are convinced that our Coolboxx could be the ideal air cargo conveyance unit for the transport and distribution of Covid-19 vaccine.

This paper describes why Hilders and Vink believe that, in cooperation with IBM for its Blockchain technology, they are up to the task of preparing and executing the transportation and distribution of Covid-19 vaccines through a system which combines a temperature-controlled conveyance unit, with real-time visibility, and unparalleled security and safety.

Read the white paper here

We first met Henk Hilders and Erick Vink at the 6th China International Logistics Development Conference in Shijiazhuang last year and will follow the progress of their Coolboxx initiative with interest over the coming months.

We are sharing this business response from the Netherlands as part of our global best practice resource to help you think about and determine appropriate responses locally.