8 April 2020 | Ireland

Last week we shared the Hong Kong experience of keeping an integrated public transport network safe for the vehicle and train operators and their passengers. Since then, in several of the worst hit cities, bus drivers have increasingly been seen as susceptible to the virus and are in high risk roles.

Bus Éireann have adopted these measure to improve safety for those travelling on the Dublin bus network:

  • Following HSE and Chief Medical Officer guidelines.
  • Dublin Bus driver screens now have an added cover for the holes in the screen.
  • Social Distance announcements on buses, train stations etc.
  • Social Distance posters on buses, in depots and stations.
  • Increased markings in staff depots and canteens to promote social distancing.
  • Seats designated as ‘seats not to sit at’, reducing capacity by 75%.
  • Huge communications drive internally and externally.
  • Enhanced cleaning regimes for buses and trains.
  • Close monitoring of bus loads to ensure social distancing can be observed.
  • Closure of Public Offices.
  • Cancellation of physical meetings and replacement with conference calls.
  • Much more “work from home” and more staff on annual leave.
  • Strong emphasis on Business Continuity at every level.
  • Examining every cost closely as revenue declines sharply, with up to a 90% fall in passenger numbers.
  • Strong emphasis on agility in decision making.
  • Working very closely with all stakeholders, particularly staff.

This is an example of a business response from Ireland which we are sharing as part of our global best practice resource to help you think about and determine appropriate responses locally.