15 June 2017 | International

This year’s CILT International Convention saw professionals from around the world heading to Macao for the most important event in the logistics and transport calendar.

Organised under the theme ‘Smart Journey, Belt and Road’ the Convention explored the forces shaping our industry, from the rise of Big Data applications, to Smart Tech and the ever expanding Internet of Things. It was not just technology up for discussion, as delegates took to the podium to share their insight and experiences of the One Belt One Road policy, and how it will continue to impact global logistics and transport for years to come.

20 International speakers spoke on a wide array of topics, ranging from a macro analysis of the transformative nexus of technologies and practices at the heart of our changing industry, to an examination of the cultural changes required by globalisation, and the challenges developing logistics networks in emerging economies. This highly experienced and well regarded selection included President of the Mass Transit Railways’ Academy Morris Cheung, Smart Taxi mastermind Prof Agachai Sumalee, and renowned business transformation expert Sean Culey.

Delegates also took part in the Women in Logistics and Transport (WiLAT) Conference, discussing the important issues created by the move to a more equal industry and how to overcome them. Alongside shared testimony and experience from women at all levels within our industry, the WiLAT Conference launched We Impact • We Inspire, highlighting the achievements of female logistics and transport professionals, and laying out the WiLAT vision for a more inclusive and socially responsible industry.

In his March mission statement, International President Kevin Byrne wrote “We must not just enable today’s leaders, but nurture tomorrow’s”. Nowhere was this more evident than at the Young Professionals (YP) Conference on day one of Convention. Led by YP Global Convenor Elliott Price, the forum discussed the unique challenges facing younger professionals trying to forge a career in the logistics and transport industry.

Regional collaboration was the theme for the afternoon of day one, with CILT Ambassador to Africa Chief Teete Owusu Nortey, and Chair of the International Management Committee Stephen Rinsler leading the Africa and Asia forums. Logistics and Transport is a truly global industry, and these forums both offered an excellent platform to discuss the international and regional implications of cross-country logistics networks.

Day three focused on the current health and bright future of our Institute. International President Kevin Byrne gave his report, followed by presentation by YP and WiLAT Conference leaders. Delegates then took part in discussions based around the topics ‘2019 and beyond’ and ‘What sort of Institute do you want?’

A presentation followed by International Professional Development Co-ordinator Jon Harris and Trustee Jan Steenburg outlining current and future plans for the Institute’s educational work. The day finished with an invitation from CILT Poland Chair Marcin Pawęska to International Convention 2018 in Wroclaw, Poland.

The final of day Convention offered delegates the chance to visit some of the most impressive industrial and cultural sites in the Pearl River Delta. Alongside trips to Hong Kong Airlines’ operations at the Air Freight Forwarding Centre, the HACTL operated SuperTerminal1 and the highly impressive Mass Transit Railways Operations Control Centre at Tsing Yi, were visits to the historic centre of Macao and the unique sights of Coloane village.

The Institute wishes to thank Michael Lam and the Convention Team at CILT Macao for organising a great four days, and to the attendees from 29 countries for helping to continue the most influential conversation in the logistics and transport industry. We look forward to seeing you all at our next global gatherings in October in Xuzhou for the 4th China International Logistics Development Conference, and in Wroclaw the following June for CILT International Convention 2018.