3 January 2022 | International

As 2022 dawns, we are witnessing yet another year inspiring and empowering women in logistics and transport to make an impact on our industry. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with my committed, resilient, and accomplished WiLAT network around the world.

An image of Gayani De Alwis

During 2021, we expanded our footprint to new geographies for the first time to Central Asia, Caribbean, and Francophone regions. As we ended the year, our WiLAT family has grown to 33 territories. Together we persevered through the global pandemic that caused everyone to devise new ways of working. While we vaccinate ourselves and explore ways to face the new normal, we have seen how significant our profession has become and the vital role that it has played in our lives while the pandemic was in full swing.

We understood our members’ needs during the pandemic and quickly pivoted to create awareness through webinars. Our engagements did not just stop because of the pandemic; indeed, the pandemic created even more need to connect and share new practices and successes with our global network. I am proud that WiLAT was able to launch the WiLAT Capacity Building Centre (WCBC) virtually and conduct two successful programs as we pivoted to serve our members.

As we march towards our 10th anniversary, WiLAT is stronger than ever before. Our global membership is growing due to our intensified activities in existing countries and expansion into new geographies, and we will continue these efforts into 2022. WCBC has developed an exciting suit of programs lined up for 2022 to build our members with future ready skills. We are forging partnerships with funding agencies attracting grants in Central Asia and South Africa, and many more are being pursued. Our members understand the value of being part of a professional body like CILT with access to the most powerful global professional network in the industry for continuing professional education, and to engage and share best practices.

I am thankful to the dynamic international editorial team of “Wings of Change” for publishing the second edition and wish them more energy to provide with even more meaningful content in the new year for our membership.

I am thankful for each and every one of your contributions to drive the WiLAT agenda. We have the vision, the resolve, and the capability. We make change real, turning ideas into actions. Let’s together drive WiLAT to greater heights by inspiring, empowering, educating and making an impact on our profession.

Amidst the chaos that took place in the past year, WiLAT forged ahead. Let’s continue our efforts from where we left off with purpose and passion to drive progress supporting each other in the true WiLAT spirit in the new year and beyond.

I wish you and your beloved families a bright and safe 2022.

Gayani de Alwis FCILT

Global WiLAT Chairperson