I first joined the Institute in Ireland in 1992 when it was still the CIT. Since then I have served on many committees, working groups and the national council before being elected National President for two years, beginning in 2003. I became an International Vice President in 2010, and in January 2015 I was appointed President Elect of CILT International.

The Institute is an extraordinary organisation. A solid not-for-profit financing model provides the platform for research, discussion and the exchange of ideas across the globe. The excellent reputation and continuing popularity of the Institute’s world class educational programs testify to its enduring relevance in a rapidly changing environment.

It is the less measurable things however that make the Institute what it is. The contacts made, experiences accrued, best practice shared, these things make a family out of an organisation, and make CILT truly a partner for life.

As President I hope to introduce CILT to new members and new territories. Most importantly I will look to expand our offer to younger people. I will ensure the Institute’s teaching and networking opportunities are fully accessible and can play a role in the continuing development of young professionals across the globe. After all it is they who are truly the guardians of the future of our Institute.