The Certificate

CISCS (Certified Industrial Supply Chain Specialist) is a Level 3 certification covering different activities under Supply Chain Management Business, such as creating a lasting impact in global manufacturing and supply chain operations, use supply chain and manufacturing operations to create winning strategies, taking a holistic approach to transformation to capture end-to-end value, transforming manufacturing processes for better productivity, boosting operational health, fostering a quality culture to create competitive advantage and leveraging digital and autonomous supply chain opportunities for practitioners.

Who’s it for?

CISCS (Certified Industrial Supply Chain Specialist) aims to enhance the capabilities and skills of those who are currently working in the field of Industry and manufacturing at logistics & supply chain departments as well as the professionals as producers, vendors, material controllers, freight operators, and retailers.

Main Modules

  • Industrial Supply Chain Operations
  • Global Supply Chain Management
  • Risk Management in Supply Chain


The course will run from June – July 2024.


For further information on the course, download the course brochure.


Register your interest and enroll onto the next course commencing in June, via the MELI website.