The Certificate

Certified Sustainable Supply Chain and Logistics Professional (SSCLP) is an advanced certification program designed for professionals seeking expertise in sustainable practices within the realm of supply chain and logistics. This program, aligned with Level 03 standards, encompasses a diverse range of activities integral to Sustainable Supply Chain Management.

Participants will gain proficiency in fostering enduring positive impacts on global manufacturing and supply chain operations. The curriculum focuses on utilizing sustainable supply chain and manufacturing operations to formulate successful strategies, adopting a holistic approach to transformation that captures end-to-end value.

Moreover, it addresses the transformation of manufacturing processes to enhance productivity, elevate operational health, promote a quality culture for competitive advantage, and harness digital and autonomous supply chain opportunities for practitioners.

Who’s it for?

  1. Supply chain managers prioritizing sustainability in their strategies.
  2. Logistics professionals enhancing skills in sustainable logistics planning and management.
  3. Manufacturing overseers aligning operations with sustainable supply chain practices.
  4. Procurement specialists making ethical and sustainable choices in material sourcing.
  5. Advisors and analysts specializing in sustainable supply chain practices.
  6. Students and career starters building a foundation in sustainable supply chain and logistics.
  7. Government and NGO representatives involved in sustainable policy-making and regulation.
  8. Sustainability enthusiasts seeking a comprehensive understanding of sustainable supply chain and logistics in business practices.

Main Modules

  • Sustainable supply chains: Concept, importance, and challenges in implementation L3-M1
  • Sustainable production, consumption, and storage L3-M2
  • Design and implementation of sustainable transportation L3-M3


The course will run from June – July 2024.


For further information on the course, download the course brochure.


Register your interest and enroll onto the next course commencing in June, via the MELI website.