About the course:

Learning style: Classroom

Who is the course for: Executive, Manager, Undergraduate

(CILT) International Diploma

The International Diploma builds on the knowledge gained from studying the certificate level, although students with some experience may wish to begin their studies at this level.

The course is of benefit to those in middle management positions who seek to develop a more strategic view of logistics and transport operations. It will give them the capability to review and modify operational activities. Students also gain an understanding of key areas from an international viewpoint.

The diploma is a modular course of 15 units arranged as mandatory, elective and options as follows:


Mandatory                                                     Code

Management in Logistics & Transport     PD01


Supply Chain                                                  PD02

Transport Operations                                   PD03

Transport Planning                                       PD04

Optional Modules

Inventory                                                        PD05

Movement of goods                                     PD06

Movement of People                                    PD07

Production Planning                                     PD08

Retail Logistics                                              PD09

Sourcing and Procurement                          PD10

Transport Planning Techniques                 PD11

Transport and Society                                   PD12

Warehousing                                                   PD13

International Business                                  PD14

Project Management                                     PD15

Students should take note that they have to pass four modules to obtain a Professional Diploma.The mandatory module is compulsory and they have to take three other subjects from Elective and Optional modules.

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