14 May 2024

As part of Poland’s National Reconstruction Plan, the Foundation for the Development of the Education System, commissioned by the Ministry of National Education, announced a competition to representatives of 120 individual industries. As a result, throughout Poland, Industry Skills Centres (ISC) are now being established as a response to the labour market requirements, which is facing continuous challenges in the green deal, sustainable development and technological advances. The main aim of the project is to support staff in preparation for the growing demands of the modern economy in the logistics industry.

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The establishment of the Industry Skills Centre in the Field of Logistics aims to integrate the needs of entrepreneurs with an educational offering. This integration will support the training of staff in core competencies which is a neccessity in the present economic situation. The Centres will integrate various aspects of the national and regional smart specialisations. The range of these specialisations focus on key areas, such as the Green Deal, Industry 4.0., the automotive industry, as well as machinery and equipment. These areas require logistics competencies which include the digital, communication and ecological technologies.

Educational activities

The Industry Skills Centre in the Field of Logistics will implement educational activity by:

  • Organising and conducting employee training
  • Organising and conducting industry training for the teachers of vocational training
  • Organising and conducting non-formal education courses
  • Organising qualifications
  • Organising and conducting courses within the scope of vocational training in terms of practical classes
  • Organising and conducting theoretical training sessions
  • Organising an examination centre for vocational examinations
  • Conducting a remote learning platform in the field of LMS/LCS/LCMS

The Centre is a nationwide initiative in Poland welcoming students from universities, vocational training centres, entrepreneurs, local and state authorities, associations and chambers of commerce, as well as non-governmental organisations.

State of the art equipment

Under the subsidy of the EU, the Industry Skills Centre has been equipped with cutting-edge and innovative equipment used in the logistics industry. The technologically advanced equipment will allow for increased efficiency of the educational process, allowing students to obtain essential skills and competencies in the continuously developing logistics industry.

The courses will allow students to obtain practical skills and will be conducted in a state of the art logistics laboratory that is equipped with:

  • A forklift stimulator – which allows users to simulate driving the forklift in varying conditions, including the unsafe ones
  • A didactic position within the scope of production logistics – which presents the transport and storage of items in the production process
  • The RFID gates – along with label readers and printers
  • Drones – which monitor cargo transport
  • Exoskeletons – which mimics warehouse employees.

In addition, students have access to computer laboratories, which are equipped with the latest hardware used by the largest logistics companies which support the management of conducted activity, planning of cargo space, packaging size optimisation as well as the method of loading goods on pallets and means of transport.

Dedicated assignment scenarios with the use of VR have been created to the needs of the ISC and the syllabus. Students will also be able to recreate and conduct simulations, which are otherwise not possible due to their unsafe nature (e.g. the leakage of hazardous substances).

Project partners

  1. The Polish Union of Transport,
  2. CILT (UK) – Poland,
  3. International Academy of Applied Sciences in Łomża,
  4. The Higher School of Social and Economic Sciences in Gdańsk,
  5. Academic Technical Secondary School at the International University of Logistics and Transport in Wrocław.

Further information on the initiative can be found on the website of the Industry Skills Centre.