Ian JonesHonorary Solicitor

“I have three anecdotes - involving Princess Anne, Peter Kay and my aim is to always finish speaking before the audience has finished listening!”

United Kingdom

I am privileged to be appointed as Honorary Solicitor for CILT International.  I qualified as a Solicitor of the Supreme Court in 1992 and by chance my first advocacy in a County Court trial was representing an HGV driver.

In October 1993 I was appointed by a transport operator to advise their business.  This operator had faith in my legal ability before I had faith in my legal ability and my aim is to develop your trust in my judgement through this privileged appointment.

It might be said I am an optimist, entrepreneur, communicator and raconteur.  They overlap.  I am the co-founder and director of Backhouse Jones that has grown from modest beginnings to become The UK’s Boutique Law Firm of the Year at The Lawyer Awards.

Backhouse Jones is unique and ubique as the leading firm of solicitors and consultants representing commercial road transport operators throughout Great Britain & Europe.