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The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) qualifications available at CINEC Campus (Pvt) Ltd

International Diploma in Logistics and Transport

This course is designed to support professionals involved in planning logistics operations and those operating in supervisory or operational management roles. It is also ideal for graduates with non-business degrees moving into the logistics field.

As a Level 5 programme, this would be taught at the same level as Year 2 of a Bachelor’s degree, but is focussed on vocational rather than purely academic learning.

Candidates study four units (one mandatory and three electives/options) and are assessed via a written examination. Whilst the course can be delivered in a part-time manner over up to 18 months, most complete within a year. The course will be a blend of both taught material and independent study.

Successful completion of the CILT International Diploma together with a minimum of 3 years appropriate experience meets the eligibility criteria for membership upgrade from Student Member to Member (MILT) of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport.

International Advanced Diploma in Logistics and Transport

As a Level 6 qualification, this course is akin to the final year of a Bachelor’s degree and could therefore be used to gain access to post-graduate study at Master’s level should the candidate wish to explore this route.

This qualification is designed for those with strategic responsibilities (or those looking to move into these roles) within the logistics and transport industry. However, students without this experience will be considered on a case-by-case basis; training providers will work with them to ensure that they are able to access the course and apply their learning effectively.

Due to the operational level of this course, the Advanced Diploma is typically delivered in a part-time manner to accommodate both work and study and usually takes between 18 months to two years. The course will be a blend of both taught material and independent study.

There are five mandatory modules. The first four modules are assessed by written examination, with the final one being a written professional project rooted in research methods and methodology. Due to the advanced level of the qualification, it is not possible to take units in stand-alone format.

Successful completion of the International Advanced Diploma, together with a minimum of 5 years appropriate experience, meets the eligibility criteria for membership upgrade to Chartered Member (CMILT) of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport.

About CINEC Campus (Pvt) Ltd

With a proud history of over three decades, CINEC has been able to establish itself as the most prestigious option for those who desire a career in the fields of Maritime Science, Marine Engineering & Marine Electrical Engineering, Engineering & Technology, Health Sciences, Aircraft Maintenance Engineering, IT, Logistics, International Transportation, Management, Marketing & Branding, Tourism & Hospitality, Law, HR, English Language & Education, Banking and Finance, Sports & Physical Education and Vocational Training, through the provision of world class excellence in education and training.

The faculties of Engineering and Technology, Marine Engineering Maritime Science and Management and Social Science, Health Sciences and Humanities & Education form the core of the diversified academic disciplines on offer at CINEC.

CINEC Campus with foreign and local partners now caters to over 22,000 students registration annually, who follow a range of over 200 Educational and training programmes. Offering courses from Certificate level to Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral degrees which are approved by the University Grants Commission and Ministry of Higher Education Sri Lanka, and affiliated with Foreign Universities in Australia, China, Germany, UK, and USA, CINEC provides a plethora of opportunities for Sri Lankan students to excel in higher education of world class standards and qualification, at an affordable cost.

The internationally recognised degrees awarded to Class I Masters and Class I Chief Engineers, and certificate of competencies to others have attracted both local and foreign potential sea farers and those already serving at sea. These include the refresher courses which cover all trades at sea. These training comply with international convention of standards of training certification and watch keeping for seafarers (STCW) as amended in 1978. CINEC trained Masters, Chief Engineers, Officers and Ratings are currently employed with many shipping principals based in Europe, USA, Canada, Asia and the Pacific. CINEC with its world class facilities and reputation for global excellence in maritime education in all grades has now expanded its base by establishing and managing national maritime training institutes at Fiji and Seychelles.

CINEC Campus, is a member of Blue-Chip Companies in Sri Lanka. Our partners and associated companies are engaged in foreign Port Control Management, Liner Agency, Ship Repair, Marine Surveys, Ship Chandelling, Marine Crew Travel, Hospitality, Crew Recruitment and Management, Ship Husbandry, Marine Radio and Electronic Repairs.

One of the shareholders of CINEC the Ceyline Holdings is today the Sri Lanka’s leading agency for providing ship’s crews to foreign vessels with a 30-year experience in the shipping industry.

The expanding spectrum of Higher Education disciplines with well supported in campus laboratories, state of the art infrastructure, simulators and research facilities have helped graduates to be work ready and employable in both local and international market. Safe and disciplined environment providing opportunities to enhance soft skills have made CINEC products to be with right knowledge, required skills, leadership and competence to be efficient.


The benefits of studying with The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport approved training.

Founded in 1919 with a mission to improve industry practices and nurture talent, CILT supports over 35,000 members in more than 50 countries. Through our educational suite, our strong community and our commitment to high standards, we help professionals at all levels to develop their careers and access better jobs.

We offer the complete range of learning, from accredited undergraduate and postgraduate degrees through to highly focused in-work courses. We also offer five levels of international qualifications, tailored to suit local conditions as and where appropriate.

The above information indicates the minimum requirements to obtain the qualification, however, CILT International works closely with training providers to ensure that courses meet the local Qualification Frameworks. As such, additional modules/units may form part of the course as per local government regulation and recognition of the programme of study.

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