Achieving Traceability and Transparency in International Supply Chains: The Covid-19 Acceleration Effect

Image for Achieving Traceability and Transparency in International Supply Chains: The Covid-19 Acceleration Effect
Date & Time
24 March 2021 Virtual Event
12:00 – 13:00 (America/Toronto)
Free of charge
Virtual Event

Interoperability in international data systems for cargo shipping and logistics has accelerated greatly to meet the challenges of a global pandemic. Three of the world’s leading architects of the rapidly emerging Global Information Infrastructure for trade and transport explain how the latest developments in open standards are advancing the integration of data systems across international supply chains. Looking at new technologies ranging from Smart Container sensors that report continuously on the condition of containerized goods in transit; to Data Pipelines that integrate multiple sources of data to enable collaboration on cloud computing and to provide access to both commercial and regulatory parties on a need-know-basis; to the coming Application Programming Interfaces that will allow developers to create myriad new applications for mobile devices, this Webinar will be eye-opening for transport and logistics practitioners who want to know what is coming down the pike in their industry.

This webinar will be presented by:

  • David Roff, Director, CIF Consulting Limited, Liverpool, England

David Roff is Director, CIF Consulting Ltd.  With over 20 years experience in transport and logistics, David has architected and built fully multimodal transport systems and supply chain visibility tools to support cargo owners and forwarders in their digitalization plans. He currently serves as Domain Coordinator for Transport and Logistics at the United Nations Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business (UN/CEFACT), where he led the Data Pipeline project, demonstrating the principles with the European Union and Border pilot projects. His work supports the European Commission’s Digital Transport and Logistics Forum to harmonise the EU regulatory environment to enable Member States to receive electronic transport data electronically.

  • Dr. Hanane Becha, Senior Innovation and Standards Advisor, Aix-en-Provence, France

An innovative and influential IT professional with more than 20 years’ experience in software engineering and R&D as a standards developer in international environments, Hanane is active in many Standards Development Organizations: UN/CEFACT Vice Chair responsible for the Transport and Logistics Domain; Health and Insurance Domain; and Project Lead in Smart Containers; and Cross industry Supply Chain Track and Trace. She is also project lead in the Internet of Things (IoT) program at the Digital Container Shipping Association (DCSA); a Board member of the Smart Maritime Council, and EU 2020 Dataports. Dr Becha is co-author of many publications encouraging innovation and collaboration in the shipping ecosystem.

  • Ian Watt, Founder & CEO NeXTRADE World Pty Ltd, UN/CEFACT Vice Chair: International Supply Chain Melbourne, Australia

In his earlier career, Ian  held senior corporate positions in Information Technology development and implementation for both Toyota, and Kraft Foods Ltd. Australia, aligning and delivering IT strategy to support corporate strategy at a global level. From 1996 to present, he has pursued, through his private practice,  technology and trade facilitation standards that will enable effective use of the Internet by all traders including SMEs, service providers and government agencies. A pioneer, with two recognized Proof of Concept pilot projects, he has been an innovator in the application of advancing technologies coupled with data and process standards enabling ‘cloud based’ end-to-end trader collaboration and trade traceability.

  • Colin Laughlan | Moderator, President, Laughlan Consulting International Inc., Executive Committee Member, Pacific Chapter Vancouver, Canada

With over 20 years executive experience in international trade, logistics and e-business, Colin Laughlan is President of Laughlan Consulting International Inc., focusing on global trade facilitation technologies and standards with regulatory and commercial applications, He is a former Vice Chair, United Nations Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business (UN/CEFACT), and is currently engaged as an expert in standards development at the International Standards Organization in Data Management and Interchange, and the ISO Advisory Group on Standards and Regulations for Single Windows. Based in Vancouver, Canada, he serves on the Executive Committee of CILTNA’s Pacific Chapter. Colin also writes the Pacific Horizons Column for Canada’s national Maritime Magazine.