10 June 2021 | Virtual Event

19:00 – 20:30 [ Asia/Hong_Kong ]

Free of charge

In the era of smart cities, harnessing the emerging urban big data to inform urban transport planning and development presents both new opportunities and challenges. The new types of data, on one hand, provide complimentary data to household travel survey for us to understand people’s travel behaviour and various aspects of our transport systems; on the other hand, this data can be used to portray the usage patterns of emerging transport modes in our cities. In this seminar, five types of big data in travel behaviour and urban transport research will be introduced in connection to empirical case studies:

  • GPS data of dockless bike sharing served as a first-/last-mile solution,
  • Social media data for understanding transit users’ perception of service quality of public transport systems,
  • Mobile phone data for understanding the impact of COVID-19 on travel mobility,
  • E-commerce data of online food delivery trips, and
  • Energy consumption data to improve the spatial planning of charging network of electric vehicles.

The CILT Hong Kong Live Seminar Series 2020-21 aims to promote the excellence in the transport and logistics practice in Hong Kong, and link professionals on an online knowledge exchange platform to share best practice across the world.

The theme of this series is ‘Smart Cities, Smart Mobility’ and five sessions will be held from September 2020 – September 2021.

Practitioners and academics in the transport and logistics industry will be invited to share their knowledge, experience and insights on how smart mobility drives the city future and its latest development.

Both CILT Hong Kong members and friends are welcome to join.

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