29 March 2022

13:00 [ Europe/London ]

Transport infrastructures build economies and communities – they get people and goods to where they need to be including accessing schools, markets and health services. We need to increase our connectivity and continue to grow infrastructures, particularly in low-income countries (LICs), but how can this be delivered given the multifaceted challenges from climate change?


Dr Andrew Quinn, Reader in Atmospheric Science and Engineering at the University of Birmingham will present highlights from the soon to be published Climate-Resilient Transport: A policy guide, which provides systematic guidance on how to scope, develop and implement climate change adaptation plans for transport infrastructure in LICs in Africa and South Asia.

Tim Durant, Associate Director at Vectos will present the TRANSitions applied research project that sets out to understand how we can better enable a low carbon, affordable and safe transport network for the cities of Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), working proactively with the informal public transport sector.  

Event Categories: Transport | International | Sustainability