Webinar: Plan E and the Transport and Logistics Sector

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Date & Time
25 October 2023 On-line
18:00 – 19:15 (America/New_York)

About the Event

The transport and logistics sector underpins modern societies daily functioning but also capacity to effectively respond to disasters. Yet the T&L sector is rarely properly included in climate and ecological emergency planning.

This talk will introduce PLAN E which offers a concept for how humanity could move big and fast (at a war-like scale) to counter and contain the ‘hyperthreat’ of climate and ecological crisis.

PLAN E involves new language, new concepts, and new security logic to help humanity recalibrate, reorientate, and reclaim our future.

Familiarisation with these new concepts may help the T&L sector undertake its own strategic planning, plus participate in National planetary crisis discussions and planning activities.

Guest Speaker

Dr Elizabeth Boulton (Liz) is the author of PLAN E. She is a research affiliate with the “Climate Change & (In) Security Project” which is a collaboration between the University of Oxford and the British Army.

Her professional career began as a transport officer in the Australian Army, deploying to East Timor in 1999 and Iraq in 2004. As a civilian, she undertook logistics and humanitarian work in Ghana, Nigeria, and Sudan. In 2007 she completed a masters of climate policy at the University of Melbourne with a focus on sustainable freight transport, later consulting in this area for government agencies. More information is on her website at destinationsafeearth.com

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