16 December 2021 | International

Our world is changing. Digital technologies have advanced more rapidly than any innovation in our history, disrupting societies and transforming the way we learn and communicate, the way we work, even the way we think.

In these times of change, staying relevant has never been more important. Through our Digitalisation and Industry 4.0 Campaign we have sought to raise awareness of the transformation our industry is facing, highlighting future trends and helping members understand the implications for their current work and ongoing career.

Our campaign has been supported by a programme of interviews with thought leaders, webinars on key topics, and ‘In Conversation’ pieces on specific areas of interest. You can watch these recordings on our YouTube Channel, via the Publications Section of the international website, or by following the links below:

We have also published an international Digitalisation Bulletin featuring articles, papers, podcasts and other materials created by CILT members from around the world which you can read here

This campaign was dedicated to making our members aware of changes and innovations in the logistics and transport industry, supporting their personal career development, and ensuring that together we can seize the opportunities of Industry 4.0.

We as an Institute are proud of our heritage, but we are also proud of how we have changed. We must continue to look forward. We must keep innovating and developing for the future, ensuring every CILT member is prepared for the road ahead. Together we will shape the future of logistics and transport.