28 November 2023 | China

The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) China co-organised a forum in Tengchong (滕沖) in the Yunnan province between 21 and 22 October 2023. Tengchong city bordering Bangladesh, India and Myanmar is an important town with massive investment on road and rail construction connecting south-west China to East and Southeast Asia forming China’s Southern Silk Road. It is also the ancient Tea Horse Road with the Silk Road going to the West and Buddha coming from the East.

The 2023 BCIM International Logistics Channel Co-operation Forum (2023孟中印緬地區國際物流通道合作論壇) is supported by Tengchong City and graced by the Ambassador of Embassy of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar of China and Consulate General of The People’s Republic of Bangladesh in Kunming.

CILT Speakers at the Forum

Speakers at the Forum included local experts and CILT presidents, Wang Ensen from China, Mohiuddin Abdul Kadir from Bangladesh, Shri N Sivasailam from India and Karmjit Singh from Singapore. Our Women in Logistics and Transport Forum (WiLAT) in Hong Kong also took part in the conference and was represented by Carmen Li, Singapore – Kelly Lee, Myanmar – Honey, Hla Hla Yee, and China – Li Tong.  Dorothy Chan, FCILT, Vicky Koo FCILT, Dr. Aye Aye and Daw Hla Hla Yee, who all spoke at the conference. WiLAT Global Chairperson Vicky Koo introduced the concepts of “Digitisation through Smart Modalised Container” and work process improvements through the application of technology.

The Hump

Dorothy’s introduction drew attention when she made reference to ‘The Hump” which was the name given in 1942 by allied pilots in the Second World War as they flew aircraft from India to Kunming on war supplies. The Hump route is an extremely challenging flight route through the Himalayas and was made difficult by the lack of reliable charts and the maze-like Himalayas passes.

Forum Learnings

WiLAT China Chairperson Li Tong moderated the morning session of the BCIM 2023 conference. Her facilitation effectively enhanced the learning experience of participants at the conference.

We learned from the Forum that the momentum of economic co-operation is strong with numerous projects underway. While economic development is the main focus, support is also given for poverty, health, food aid and disaster relief.  The Forum recognised the need to further promote infrastructure connectivity, to reach agreement on customs clearance measures and to co-ordinate and connect different transport modes.

2024 Forum

Tengchong is a beautiful city and our WiLAT forum were greeted warmly by the local corporation and institutes. CILT China have also been welcomed to co-host another conference in 2024, by the local authority.