WiLAT Global Newsletter: Wings of Change Issue 10

Our Women in Logistics and Transport (WiLAT) forum share the tenth edition of their global newsletter: Wings of Change.

“In this issue we have featured, the Global WiLAT Vice Chairperson for Central Asia, Marina Kuznechevskaya, FCILT. I’m certain our readers will be inspired by her dedication and commitment to grow WiLAT in Central Asia. Her career journey from a young logistician to trailblazer in the industry is remarkable.

The WoC magazine gives you a quick round up to all the activities carried out by our WiLAT Capacity Building Center and the future events lined up. In addition, we have given you a quick recap to our autism program and the action plans lined up.

We are delighted to see the activities and events carried out by all our regions last quarter and we are overwhelmed by its impact. Together, all our territories are shaping the future of logistics and we are amazed by the visibility that has been created for Global WiLAT. We are growing phenomenally in our online presence, and we are thrilled by the responses we are receiving from our industry peers and membership. We will forge forward to establish new partnerships and strengthen our external relations to support the work that is carried out by Global WiLAT.”

Amra Zareer CMILT, Editor

Read issue ten below or download a copy here.

WiLAT is the international women’s forum within the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport. Since its formation in 2013 WiLAT has gone from strength to strength, and now supports over 3,200 members through 38 national chapters.

WiLAT’s mission is to promote the status of women in the supply chain, logistics and transport industry, to bring together those who aid the career development of women, and to provide a support network for women in the sector. For more information, visit WiLAT’s dedicated website.