CILT International Feature: Chief Teete OWUSU-NORTEY FCILT, President

It is a great pleasure to introduce myself as the new International President of The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport International (CILT). My term of office started on the 1st January 2024 and will run until 31st December 2025 and I am privileged to be taking up this role at this time. 

As the first African to be elected to this position since the inception of CILT in 1919; the honour to represent the global community, our continent Africa and my nation Ghana is significant, and I will approach it humbly and with gratitude. 

Having been involved with CILT for nearly 30 years and serving in many capacities, I truly value what my membership has brought to me and my professional activity. Being part of such an esteemed body, with over 32,000 members globally and still counting, means that my professional brothers and sisters are always close at hand wherever I travel on this planet of ours. 

Mission as CILT International President

I have stated that my mission for the next two years is to continue to bind us together more strongly in our communication and sharing of best practice and as we use the phrase “Stronger Together” in all of our branding. It feels appropriate that the global challenge for greater diversity and inclusivity in our profession should be at the heart of my work.  

Being the International President, as well as a volunteer and a trustee, is about leading our nations and regions in supporting and growing our membership, standing still is no longer an option in today’s world.  

Global Synergy and Connectivity

My expertise and heart is based on great communication and it is therefore my intention, as one of my three strategic pillars’ is to ensure that every member feels that they can communicate with me at all times. I will be building a future diverse and inclusive workforce in the Transport, Logistics and Supply Chain sectors by introducing monthly shared updates with every nation to ensure information and best practice flows rapidly across our Institute. 

I will be looking forward in supporting our champions across our Next Generation forum and championing the work of our Women in Logistics and Transport (WiLAT) forum which has driven so much of our growth over the last 10 years. Inclusivity and Diversity is therefore my second key pillar. 

Finally, my 3rd pillar is to build sustainable capacity in our industry in Transport, Logistics and Supply chain by working with every country and region more actively to promote our professional institute and what it has stood for, for over 100 years and how it will be relevant for the next 100 years and beyond.  

Stronger Together

I will be your voice for delivering more, creating more and engaging more with every sector we touch at global, national and organisational levels.  

I am only a custodian of a great office for the next two years. Therefore, it is my intention to work with Mr. Jan Steenberg, who will succeed me, as well as our Council of Trustees, International Management Committee, International Audit Committee, International Membership Standards Committee, International Education Standards Committee and the full time International Secretariat team, to represent you with a commitment and energy that you will respect and then deliver structured and supported change to ensure we move forward visibly in our annual plans in support of our long-term strategy. 

I sincerely look forward to meeting as many of you my members as I can and working with all of our teams on my 3 strategic pillars to make our Institute an exciting and inclusive Chartered Membership organisation fit for our time. 


Chief Teete OWUSU-NORTEY FCILT, President