7 January 2021 | international

Gayani de Alwis, Global Chairperson of the Women in Logistics and Transport Forum (WiLAT) shares her New Year Message and her priorities for WiLAT in 2021:

With the dawning of 2021, a new year and a new door of opportunity await us. There is no doubt that the year 2020 was one of the hardest the world has ever faced; the world lost so much and faced unprecedented challenges. Despite the difficulties and challenges, we have made positive strides during the past year with our global family working together as one. We proved that WiLAT chapters always inspire, empower, advise, educate, aspire and impact through actions to make a difference to our industry and to society as a whole.

We were quick to respond to the challenges that came our way by swiftly initiating the Covid chat series in April, which enabled us to share knowledge amongst our global family. WiLAT India, Pakistan, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Ghana and Nigeria conducted their own webinars to educate their membership and many in our global family joined those. WiLAT China, Nigeria and Kazakhstan organised conferences virtually. I am aware of the challenges that some countries had to endure during the pandemic, so please reach out to each other and see how we can leverage our strengths to support those in need. One of the notable initiatives was the global launch of the WiLAT CALF leadership program, which was conceptualised and successfully run by WiLAT Hong Kong. Finally we inducted Bangladesh, Madagascar, Egypt and Turkey to our WiLAT global family and now we are present in 25 countries with more to join in 2021.

Let’s continue to work on the priorities that I shared with all of you:

  • Grow Members – within countries & regions
  • Grow Reach – across sectors & white spaces
  • Develop Partnerships – globally & locally
  • Drive capacity building
  • Promote sustainable living as a way of life

Let’s welcome this year with a Purpose, Passion and Positivity to drive Progress whilst continuing to stay safe and responsible. Wishing you and your families a happy New Year and let’s face 2021 with compassion and confidence.

I end my message by sharing contributions from members around the world on the topic of“What 2021 means to WiLAT”:

Best wishes and Stay Safe

Gayani De Alwis, CMILT
Global Chairperson WiLAT