I have been a member of CILT for 30 years, and a Fellow since 1997. I was the first female New Zealand Section chair, a position I held for three years, and a member of the New Zealand Council from 1996 – 2006 and again from 2016 – present. I have managed the annual awards activities for over 15 years.  I am humbled that CILT New Zealand has twice honoured me for my work with the Institute, winning the Norman Spencer Memorial award in 2010 and the President’s award for my contributions to CILT in 2019.

My work experience includes managing significant policy reforms in both the shipping and land transport sectors as a Government policy adviser in the 1980s, and then implementing them as a policy manager in Transit NZ, a government agency newly created for the purpose.

I participated in the OECD Maritime Transport Committee (1985-86) and a series of International Conferences on passenger transport competition and deregulation (1989 – 1996). For some years I managed committees focused on road management, and was chair of the National Stock Effluent Working Group established by the Forum of all New Zealand road controlling authorities.

Currently I am a transport consultant and training facilitator covering leadership and management, and conditions of contract for building, civil engineering and construction. I feel privileged to bring my experience to a new generation and to have the opportunity to represent Australasia and work across the globe with all the CILT branches and members.