2 April 2020 | International

The problems associated with the Covid-19 pandemic are complex, with wide-reaching implications for our industry and for societies across the world. At this difficult time it is incumbent upon our Institute to support our members, our colleagues and our industry, and play our part helping the world get through the challenging times ahead.

Support for key workers

As part of key industries, many logistics and transport professionals have been designated key workers, and continue to do their jobs in challenging circumstances. In order to support our members and industry colleagues as they do this work, CILT is creating a process to share best practice and guidance. We will be using our social media channels for this, as well as looking at other ways to deliver this information effectively. More information on this will follow in the coming days.

Support for all members

We also recognise that many of our members are in self isolation or government instructed lockdown. In response we are looking at several methods to provide support and relief. We will be creating and sharing logistics and transport content for people to engage with and enjoy during this difficult time. We hope this will include podcast conversations and short lectures on industry topics, and articles on logistics and transport issues of interest for the international website and CILT social media platforms. To this end we are calling on all members to send us your content, suggest topics and propose ideas and guests.

Whilst there can be no doubting the severity of the Covid-19 pandemic, there is still a place and a need for good news. We therefore are also asking for you to share with us your good news stories.


Self-isolation presents its own challenges, as does the sudden requirement for many to work from home. In response we are looking at ways of providing a platform for members to connect, network, support each other, share ideas and best practice, and to participate in conversations and discussion on a range of industry related matters.

We will also harness our social media channels to help bring people together, keeping our members and industry colleagues in touch with events and each other. To make this as successful as possible, we need your help. Please check in to both International and local branch channels, engage with others and post your own content. We may be isolated, but we’re still part of the CILT family.

Here are links to the CILT International Social Media platforms:






Africa Forum 2020

Regrettably we have had to postpone CILT Africa Forum Conference until 2021. CILT Ghana will still be hosting the event in Accra now to be held between the 3rd and 5th of March 2021. The forum will still carry the theme ‘Sustainable Implementation of the Africa Continental Free Trade Agreement: The Role of Logistics, Transport and Industry’, and we look forward to seeing many of you there next year.

CILT Ghana assures delegates who had booked for March 2020 that their funds are secured and will be credited to them for the 2021 Forum. Delegates are asked to email CILT Ghana or call them on +233 507225190 for further information or clarification.

Registration for the event remains open and delegates are able to book through the event site until 2 weeks before the event. Hotel bookings will also remain open but delegates will need to re-book the hotel of their choice. Find out more here.

CILT International Convention 2020

Similarly we have postponed International Convention until 2021. The event will still be hosted by CILT Australia in Perth, now between the 20th to the 23rd of June 2021. The theme of the event remains ‘Integrated. Automated. Localised. On-Demand Logistics for the World of Tomorrow’. The website remains active and can be reached at: https://www.regodirect.com.au/cilt2020/

CEO of CILT Australia Karyn Welsh is also available to answer questions about the event, and can be reached at ciltaustralia@gmail.com

Education Advice and support

We are in the process of working with each of our training providers to check what help and support they need in order to continue the delivery of their programmers and courses. Our priority is assessed courses by exam, and we are looking at ways to ensure that assessment can continue. In some cases we are also looking to replace the assessment with an assignment, individual study or other evidenced piece of work which will still be assessed and moderated.

If you are a member or student concerned about your studies and you have not yet received feedback from your learning provider please contact your CILT Branch of Territory office or email pd@ciltinternational.org

We are working hard on the development of new web learning materials, including short courses, webinars and other professional development tools.

If you have any questions please email us at pd@ciltinternational.org

CILT Knowledge Centre

You should also be aware that the remote service for the CILT Knowledge Centre is still in operation, but the library itself is not staffed. We can still provide support on email and also find resources that are stored as e-books, but direct copying of material from hard copy books and journals will not be possible. Check with your training provider or CILT Branch or Territory for the necessary Knowledge Centre password, as you will need these to access the Portal. To find out more about the CILT Knowledge Centre please go to https://ciltuk.org.uk/Knowledge

A short video about the Knowledge Centre can be viewed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6u9RM-TO9QI

Presidential Request

CILT International President Dato’ Ts Abd Radzak Abd Malek has issued a call for all branches to do local research and build up a local response in these areas:

  • The supply chain response to shortages in medicines and food.
  • Safe practices in the passenger transport networks.
  • Global shipping and the supply chain – the short and long term response.
  • Business continuity and the ongoing management of risk.

We plan to bring that knowledge together centrally and share. If you feel you can contribute contact your local branch.

The President has also called on all members to help us further understand the global situation for businesses and share best practices as a result. We would like members to consider the following four questions, and send your findings to your local branch by Tuesday 7 April. If you do not have a local branch please contact international Secretary General Keith Newton keith.newton@ciltinternational.org

  • How has covid-19 hit the transport & logistics business & industry in your country and what are the key challenges?
  • What are the lockdown effects on their business relationships and business models?
  • To what extent have businesses & organisations changed or can they change, their operations, to manage during Covid-19 period?
  • What help and support is being given your country to the Transport & Logistics providers by the government, CILT or other bodies? How can B2B and the CILT play a role in overcoming the Covid-19 challenges?

Stay Well

Whilst we will do everything we can to help your work life, we can’t help you stay healthy. Please follow government advice in your country, look after yourself and each other, and be responsible.