17 November 2020 | Malaysia

Alfred Fernandez CMILT from CILT Malaysia has been in Aviation for 38 years. He recalls the time when SARS made its appearance in 2002 and 2003, originating in Southern China and spreading to about 25 countries.

“This was when Public Health Officials came into the picture and various measures to combat the spread of SARS were instituted. There was an international response and the World Health Organisation issued a Global Alert on 12 March 2003, and an Emergency Travel Advisory on 15 March 2003. Epidemiological Teams studied the risks, microbiologists, public health officials, virologists put in their best efforts to sort out this global public health emergency. Numerous Institutions worldwide offered assistance and helped the scientists and the research and medical teams to halt the spread of SARS.”

Now, we have the Covid-19 pandemic and Alfred reflects upon the effects on the aviation industry, and considers measures to re-train and upskill staff once the sector picks up.

Read Alfred’s full report here

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