In my role as East Asia Regional Ambassador I play a crucial role in connecting CILT internationally with YPs within local territories and branch organisations, and am the main contact point for YP affairs within the East Asia region.

I have been involved in CILT Hong Kong Young Members Committee (CILTHK YMC) since 2006 and was the Immediate Past Global Convenor of the YP International Committee from 2012 through 2014.  I was responsible for the development of the YP movement and have been credited with the success of the YP Conferences at both the Colombo and Malacca International Conventions.

I am presently employed by UPS’ Customs Brokerage Department and am responsible for brokerage operations, planning, training and customer solutions in the North Asia District (Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan).

Engagement in CILT international affairs and events has provided me with unique opportunities and exposures, along with the ability to meet and work with members from different Transport and Logistics sectors from all over the world.  Sharing views and experiences, learning from and being able to grow with each other has been something that only CILT can provide.  Friendships gained here have been invaluable.

More importantly, with several years of continuous involvement with local young professionals in Hong Kong.  I have been honoured to assist and provide young members with guidance in the pursuit of their careers in the transport and logistics industries.  Helping and watching young members grow professionally has been a great motivation for my ongoing commitment to CILT.