The Role of Business Culture in the Digital Transformation Process in the Logistics Industry of Oman


Business practices nowadays have evolved tremendously as a result of the existence of digital technologies (Ebert & Duarte, 2018). These fundamental changes have been going through a number of revolutions that lead to the creation of clear milestones in the process of transforming companies from traditional businesses into technology-based ones.

The main purpose of this survey was to investigate the current status of digital transformation in the logistics industry in Oman. The questionnaire, which received 154 responses, contains sets of questions that studies demographics, current state of digital transformation in Oman, the impact on leadership & business culture on the process, drivers and challenges. Remarkable perceptions and insights were put together into a form of a report on the current status of the companies in terms of their digital maturity, in addition to a number of themes and insights that were extracted from the responses. One of the major takeaways of the survey results deals with the effect of the business culture in the overall process of digital transformation in the logistics industry in Oman, which is summarized and presented in the following pages of this report.



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