24 September 2020 | Hong Kong

Confirmed cases of Covid-19 first appeared in Hong Kong in late January 2020, with a second wave starting from late March. In response to the outbreak, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government (“Government”)  introduced various measures, including the gradual closure of certain cross boundary points, arrangements for government employees to work from home and the temporary suspension of schools from late January. Stringent social distancing restrictions were implemented from late March/early April.

Although the situation in Hong Kong stabilised around April / May with a gradual relaxation of restrictions and resumption of activities, except the cross boundary traffic, the number of confirmed local cases has rebounded since July (the third wave) and more stringent social distancing measures have now been imposed.

This report from CILT Hong Kong discusses the traffic and transport situation and the responses of our industry in meeting the Covid-19 challenge in the first half of the year. This report contains published information from the Government, and inputs from transport operators and CILT Hong Kong members.

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This is an example of industry analysis from Hong Kong which we are sharing as part of our global best practice resource to help you think about and determine appropriate responses locally.